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Organizational culture and leadership journey

Organizational transformation is unique and complex

•It depends on several ‘internal’ controllable and ‘external’ some uncontrollable factors

•Effective and Transformational Leaders can certainly lead and influence change

•They are extremely skillful, resourceful and tenacious in a good way

•Great business leaders have an entrepreneurial spirit and are exceptionally astute learners

•My observations have been:

•The basis of the change journey is embedded in ‘Trust’ between all stakeholders

Step#1: Leaders must first address the baseline performance

•Integral to this is PEOPLE. Across all levels of the organization – Leaders, Middle managers and Associates

•Hire good talent

•Promote the best who share the values

•Give people 2nd and 3rd chances, but be prepared to fire those who don’t fit intellectually or culturally

•Coach, Coach and Coach. Spend time with key managers; Create business processes

•Encourage decision making; Be less punitive; Motivate and elevate team’s performance

•Utilize both internal and external networks – it is ok to seek help if needed

Step#2: Get involved as and when needed

•Nurture decision makers across the organization

•Develop a culture of dealing with conflicts in a respectful and professional manner

•Intervene as and when needed (probably more in this phase); Challenge more;

•Build an Accountable and Responsible high performing team;

Step#3: Step back and let the experts run the show

•If the Leader has done a good job in steps 1 and 2, she has to intervene only when needed

•Steer the team; Validate more

•At this stage, the organization should be a well-oiled machine

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